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IMAGEnet Connect

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End-to-end software for all eye care professionals. Read more>

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Topcon is proud to present the most efficient End-to-End software for all eye care professionals. IMAGEnet Connect.  The system combines the long Topcon history and tradition of digital image management with the latest software technology and connectivity standards.


Efficiently CONTROL all image & refraction data on a single software platform

IMAGEnet Connect is a vendor neutral solution. Connect and integrate nearly any device and any image capture software solution in your practice with IMAGEnet Connect. Acquisition and viewing are easy and seamless. More than 450 device and HIS/PMS software drivers are currently available, compliant with both DICOM and HL7 standards.

MANAGE & OPTIMIZE your entire practice workflow

IMAGEnet Connect organizes the patient flow from check-in to check-out. The examination courses are prepared for di-erent types of patient visits to ensure smooth operation without unnecessary waiting time. It also provides operationally efficient statistical analysis to help improve the practice operation flow.

STREAMLINE your clinical data management

Compliant with both ICD-10 and SNOMED standards, the powerful structured data format ensures standardized, universal, high-quality data that can be efficiently entered and shared. Transmission to billing and insurance systems are easy and accurate. The result- minimized work and more consultation time with patients.

Count on system RELIABILITY and worldwide SUPPORT all day, every day

The development and support teams for IMAGEnet Connect are located around the globe. Wtih more than 30 years’ experience in the ophthalmology IT field, you can be confident that your system is connected both stably and securely.


Specifications & performance

To operate IMAGEnet Connect, the following software programs and hardware devices are required. Please contact us for dedicated HW specifications depending on your installation environment.

File server Requirements
Component Minimum* Recommended Comment
CPU: CPU with 4 Cores (e.g.   Intel Xeon) CPU with 8 or more cores   (e.g. Intel Xeon)  

Hard disk:

Tb useable (RAID-5)

4 Tb useable (RAID-10)

HD size tbd.

≥ 10.000 rpm.

OS: on separate spins

SSD is an option.

RAM memory: 8 Gb RAM 16 Gb RAM  
Operating system (OS): Microsoft Windows Server   2008 R2 Microsoft Windows 2008   R2, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2,  
Network: 1 Gbit 2-4 Gbit  


An “IMAGEnet Connect workstation” will be installed on the server.

Additional software needs to be installed on server (see workstation).

Iguana/Chameleon software (HL7 interface engine and HL7 messaging toolkit) will be installed for interpreting, mapping the HL7-interfaces.

Latest patches need to be   installed for all relevant software.

-Minimum/Recommended CPU/RAM is without SQL server installation.

-Hardware requirements will increase if SQL server is installed on file server. Installation of SQL server on file server is not recommended in case of parallel data storage (additional SQL database).

-Topcon needs to have remote access to the server. To be further discussed and agreed upon.

-No real time virus scan on Topcon’s folder.-OS and data sharing on separate spins


SQL server Requirements
Component Recommended Comment
CPU: CPU with 4 or more cores (e.g. Intel Xeon)  
Hard disk: 300Gb useable (RAID 5)  
RAM memory: 4 Gb RAM  
Operating system (OS): Microsoft Windows 2008   R2, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2  
Network: 1 Gbit  

SQL Server could be installed on file server. If this is done, the HW requirements for the file   server increase.

SQL Server 2008 R2 or higher is needed.

SQL server on separate server in case of parallel data storage.

Mix mode/pref. SA account for the workflow management needed.

SQL user with full access (db owner), pref. sa account.

Protocol for SQL: TCP/IP named piped/shared memory

SQL server browser needs to be started.

Firewall configured for SQL Client connections:

Allow Port 1433 TCP

Allow Port 1434 UDP

Allow connections to SQLSERVR.EXE



Workstation Requirements
Component Minimum Recommended Comment
Processor: Intel Core i3 dual Intel Core i5 or higher  
Hard disk: 100 Gb hard disk 300 Gb hard disk  
RAM memory: 2 Gb 4 Gb RAM  
Operating system (OS): Microsoft Windows 7   (32bit /64 bit) Microsoft Windows 8/8.1   (32bit /64 bit)  
Network: 100 Mbit 1 Gbit  


For any instrument to connect via a serial connection a COM port is required. PCI card preferable.


Depending on the amount of instruments that need to be connected to   the station, 1 or more COM ports are needed.


Internet Explorer 8 or higher

Windows installer 4.5

.NET framework 2.0

.NET framework 4.0

Microsoft Silverlight

Adobe Reader

Latest patches need to be installed for the installed OS.

Monitor resolution

Minimal resolution is 1680 x 1050

Recommend: 1920 x 1080 dual monitor