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IC-1, Instrument column

Short description

IC-1, Instrument column
The perfect workstation to present one or even two instruments against the wall with a monitor - & keyboard support on a single square meter. Read more>

Key Features

  • Modern Design
  • Tabletop for one & two instruments available
  • Space saving
  • Simple & easy operation of the tabletop
  • Easy wheelchair accessibility
  • Large stroke of tabletop
  • Standing & sitting position usability
  • Workstation with monitor & keyboard support

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The IC-1 is a new innovative concept and an efficient solution for presenting instruments in your consulting room or optician store. This IC-1 instrument Column is wall mounted, resulting in a very small footprint, saving you valuable floor space and making it easy access for cleaning the floor. The IC-1 is available in two colours and can be set up for one or even two instruments. The adjusted elevation with a large stroke of the table top allows for seated or standing operation of your instruments.
With the additional option of a monitor and keyboard support, this IC-1 instrument Column will turn into a complete flexible workstation, which is also easily accessible for wheelchair patients. The IC-1 in combination with Topcon’s Auto-Refractometer KR-1 along with Topcon’s Tono-Pachymeter CT-1P or Topcon’s new 3D OCT-1 Maestro, is the perfect solution to provide complete refractive eye care on a single square meter.