PASCAL Synthesis 532 or 577

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PASCAL Synthesis 532 or 577
The PASCAL Synthesis is Topcon's first dual port pattern scanning laser, available in both 532 nm and 577 nm wavelengths Read more>

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Precision and control from PASCAL technology:

- Short pulse duration for targeted burns resulting in less collateral damage.
- Continuous laser pulse using high-speed galvanometers provide uniform pulses and faster pattern delivery.
- Precise pattern spacing.
- 4-Fiber Beam delivery maintains a constant depth of field for all spot sizes resulting in consistent and predictable uptake

Synthesis Laser system features:

- Available in both 532 nm and 577 nm wavelengths
- Sleek pattern scanning adapter compatible with Haag Streit style diagnostic slit lamps
- Compact design ideal for use in an outpatient clinic or operating room
- Dual-ports offer convenience of switching between an LIO and endophotocoagulation probe without interchanging connections
- Intuitive touchscreen interface provide a multitude of patterns and pattern variations
- Endpoint Management for less damaging treatment

Endpoint Management (option)

Endpoint Mangement is a method of precise control of laser energy relative to titration level. It is particularly important for treatment at low energies. Endpoint Mangement begins with titrating laser power to a barely visible burn, then the clinician selects the percentage of that energy to be delivered to the treatment locations. Endpoint Mangement can be used for both the 532-nm and 577-nm laser wavelengths.

The Endpoint Mangement approach to laser therapy allows the physician to consistently operate in the realm of therapeutic relevance for subvisible treatments. When no burns are visible, the biggest risk becomes lack of therapeutic effect.