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KR-800S, Subjective kerato-refractometer

Short description

KR-800S, Subjective kerato-refractometer
The KR-800S is unique because it features not only objective auto-refraction and keratometry, but the instrument enables subjective far and near testing to obtain VA values as well as 3 additional tests such as glare test, contrast test & AMD check. Read more>

Key Features

  • Objective and subjective measurement far and near
  • VA charts from 0.1 to 1.2
  • Reading power assessment on various distances
  • Comparison of subjective, eyeglass and unaided VA’s
  • Pre- and post-cataract surgery VA assessment
  • Glare, contrast and grid test

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The KR-800S is unique because it features not only objective auto-refraction and keratometry but the instrument also performs subjective far and near testing as well as 3 function tests. These 5-in-1 functions assure quick and accurate results and enhance your test workflow. The test results of all objective and subjective measurements can be shown on the monitor and can easily be printed through the drop-in printer on the front of the instrument. With the KR-800S, auto kerato refractometer, it is very easy to compare the Visual Acuity difference between the objective and subjective tests. The accurate objective results can be spherical edited until the highest VA is achieved. Additional reading power can be measured on various distances between 33cm -  60cm. If a computerized lensmeter is connected, it can also test and show the patient’s VA result with their current eyeglasses. Since it is easy to compare VA with the patient’s current eyeglass result, if necessary, new eyeglasses can be introduced. The glare - , grid - and contrast test availability in combination with VA measurement makes the KR-800S, subjective auto kerato refractometer, a versatile instrument that is an asset for not only opticians but also ophthalmologist for pre-cataract, post-cataract or refractive surgery. 

5 functions in 1 instrument

1) Objective autorefracto-kerato measurement
2) Subjective Visual Acuity test for far and near (additional power)
3) Visual Acuity test with subjective power in glare condition
4) Visual Acuity test with subjective power in various contrast levels
5) Grid test for easy screening of AMD and other macular related diseases