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CA-800, Topographer

Short description

CA-800, Topographer
The CA-800 corneal analyzer offers a complete solution for full diagnostic evaluation of the anterior corneal surface, as well as Meibomian Glands observation and Tear Film analysis. The CA-800 is extremely easy to handle and use. Visual signals support fast and easy alignment and focusing on the patients eye.
The keratoscope cone with 24 rings is equally spaced on a 43D sphere analysis over 100.000 data points with axial and instantaneous curvature evaluation.

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Key Features

  • Topography
  • Fluorometry
  • Pupillometry
  • Zernike Analyse
  • Contactlens fitting simulation
  • Toric IOL calculation
  • Database on-board
  • Meibography
  • White to white
  • Comparisons
  • Curvature height map
  • Automated best image selection
  • Capacitive 10.1 touch screen
  • Keratoconus probability index
  • Ortho-k treatments
  • Refractive surgery treatments
  • Complete corneal analysis
  • Tear film analysis

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CA-800 Curvature mapping
The CA-800 Corneal analyser is a comprehensive solution for evaluation of the anterior corneal surface. In addition to curvature mapping which can also be displayed in 3D, it provides a complete analysis of the cornea inclusive keratoconus probability index and height map of the corneal surface. It also provides fluorescein images and real time fluorescein video's for contactlens fitting.

Pupillometry, Fluorescein & Meibography
The CA-800 is a placido-based topographer with 24 rings that measure up to 6.144 data points, with axial and instantaneous curvature evaluation. Moreover, it is equiped with 4 infrared LEDs and 2 white LEDs for Dynamic and static pupillometry and 8 blue LEDs for fluorescein images and videos to carry out full contact lens analysis. With the 4 infrared LED's Meibomian Glands can easily be analyzed for any possible defects.

Tear film breakup time analysis
The CA-800 offers a comprehensive analysis of the Tear Film by using the Blink Detection and Tear Breakup Time measuring modes. The Blink Detection records the patient blinks over a period of time. Blinks are automatically detected the average blinks per minute and blinks interval are calculated. The Tear Breakup Time (TBT) records the patients tear film condition while they hold their blink and calculates the time of first breakup and average time for breakup of the Tear Film. This feature allows video playback with a coloured overlay to show the quality of the corneal surface.

Contact lens fitting

The CA-800 is the perfect support for contact lens fitting. A simulation software is provided on-board including a complete contact lens database for all the main manufacturers (upgradable and customizable by the user).  The on-board fluorescein acquisition system allows full control of the contact lens position on the eye. Thanks to the on-board pupillometer the user can check the pupil position and diameter (from photopic to scotopic condition) in relation to the position of the optical zone in Ortho-k or refractive surgery treatments.

Zernike & Toric IOL calculation
The CA-800 can be used to perform Zernike analysis to evaluate any aberrations and deficiencies of the cornea. An additional functionality of CA-800 is an on-board application for toric IOL calculation in cataract surgery. The CA-800 presents the curvature mapping of both the right and left eye at the same time on the display for easy comparison, as well as comparison with previous measured results.

CA-800 Ease of use
The CA-800 is extremely easy to handle and use. From image acquisition to analysis, the on-board software is intuitive and user-friendly and the 10.1-inch capacitive touch screen provides quick navigation. Visual guidance supports fast and easy alignment and focusing on the eye; the "best image" selection modus automatically acquires the best-focused image.

Integrated PC
The brand new compact design of the CA-800 includes a fully integrated PC, so that an external PC is not required to manage a patient database for archiving and re-analysis purposes.



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